Sunday, July 11, 2010

WaPo breaking: The End is Near

They had to be laughing it up in the Post newsroom when they put this headline on the BP oil spill story on the Express last week.

Check out this collection: The Funniest Headline Fails Of All Time (PICTURES)

(Just scroll over the images and the larger size will appear).

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's wrong with this photo? Three possibilities

Here are three possibilities for explaining what's captured in this photo.

(1) This is an attempt at a new art form called tree stump aesthetics, in which the stump is kept at roughly the same height of structures that are in close proximity. This gives the tree stump balance and the continuing appearance of useful purpose.

(2) It is a product of BP's landscaping division. All the useful functionality of this tree, it's energy producing potential realized through photosynthesis, was obliterated and what remained is a stump that only delivers blight.

(3) This is an Adams Morgan community art project to call attention to the perils of attention deficit disorder. The landscaping goal was to remove to stump, but someone got distracted.

(4) It will grow back.*

*Afterthought possibility.

A storm a couple of weeks ago toppled the tree just past the Adams Mill bar.