Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The murse on 18th St. NW

Canvas bag in window at Meeps

I saw this bag (above) in the window of Meeps on 18th.  It had potential as a man bag or murse, which is what the Urban Dictionary defines as “a man-purse -- very fashion-forward right now, seen on many hipster guys” and something that can be also be used to carry a laptop computer. 

Design that takes ordinary item, a military green canvass bag, and then adds art has appeal. The art on the Meeps bag preserves its original rugged, utilitarian and practical look even as the art turns the bag into a canvas.

I also have a military style canvas bag (photo to the right), and attached a button with an iconic image of Marilyn Monroe, a fast design shortcut but not nearly as effective or interesting as the bag in the Meeps window.