Sunday, April 2, 2023

Steve Jobs was trying for the best version of himself.

Downtown DC, 2014

The Washington Post had an interesting piece today about a possible new book by Steve Jobs. It prompted me to think about him. 

Shortly after Steven Jobs died, I was walking past the Georgetown Apple store, and people were putting flowers and such in front of the store, tributes, and remembrances. 

Jobs was wealthy, but he never seemed it. He seemed like a guy who liked his job, and the money was secondary to inconsequential. That's one of the reasons why he struck a chord. 

He could have just been a talented CEO with good products, but he made people believe he was on his adventure while telling people to make their own adventures. That message mattered more than his products. 

Maybe the iPhone changed the world, but that wasn't the point for Jobs. He was on a quest to be the best version of himself, and if he happened to change the world, so much for it. That's what resonates today.

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