Thursday, December 15, 2016

Adams Morgan's goodbye to Obama, hello for Trump?

Adams Morgan is giving people a way to express appreciation for President Barack Obama in what passes for the neighborhood’s town square. Thanks go to the Adams Morgan Partnership BID, which sponsored this effort, for keeping the public bulletin board at Columbia, Adams Mill and 18th, interesting.

I hope the Obama appreciation is followed-up with a  “welcome” for President-elect Donald Trump because the responses are sure to be provocative.

Only 4% of all of the District Columbia’s voters cast a vote for Trump. You may have better odds of winning the D-3 lottery than finding a Trump voter on the street.

Trump’s White House arrival is being met with trepidation for multiple reasons, including the possibility that his administration might hurt DC’s economy. Trump may try to cut some agencies, namely Education, Environmental Protection, possibly Energy, Commerce and others as well. He intends to impose a hiring freeze.

The American Enterprise Institute, an influential group with Republicans, is urging Trump to move the FBI and Labor Dept., to other cities, such as Detroit. Trump may see this as an appealing to boost the economy in struggling regions. 

But it’s also possible that Trump’s impact on DC -- as in a desirable city to live in -- may not be bad. He wants to increase defense spending, which could boost employment in this area as well.

Obama attracted a lot of Millennial-age workers, but that may have been because DC was one of the few relatively economic bright spots immediately following housing collapse. These same young people, and many older people as well, may see DC as something to escape during a Trump administration.

That’s why it might be nice to see what people write about Trump on the Adams Morgan bulletin board.

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