Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Posting a Google Photo animation to Blogger is simple

Series of photos, circa 2013, taken from second floor of MLK library looking toward Verizon Center

Google Photos automatically creates panoramas and GIFS from your uploads. There is a tool to allow you to create these things on your own. If you are a blogger and use Google Photos, this is nice to have.

Google Photos assembled the above GIF without any prompting after I uploaded photos from an old SD card. Creating GIFs is a new experience, so kudos to Google for creating this image all by itself.

But how do you embed this GIF from Google Photos to a blog? Wasn't sure.

There are no instructions. Blogger does not appear as an option in the "share" function.  There is no "embed link" similar to YouTube.

But this turned out to be really simple, and very similar to posting any image on your blog.

First, went to Google Photos and clicked on "assistant." This brings up a page showing new movies, and albums and the other things it has assembled. This gives you the option of creating an animation, but in this case one of Google Photo's automatic creations was used.

Once you find what you want, click on the GIF to make it larger.

Right click on larger image, and then click on the "save image as" the option.

The save file will pop up with a .gif extension. Rename the file if you want and then save to local drive.

Go to your Blogger blog (This should work exactly the same for WordPress but haven't tested it.)

Click on Blogger image and upload as you would any photo for your blogger.

There may be even easier, more efficient and better ways to do this, so please share your techniques.

*Follow up: The bad thing here is there is no way to freeze the GIF, and the constant animation is probably irritating to some viewers. It would be nice if Google Photos put in an embed feature that gave users some control.

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